7 tips to choose comfortable shoes

We rarely think about pampering our feet. And yet, just remember that, on average, we give between eight thousand and 10 thousand steps a day, according to the Association of Medicine and Foot Surgery.

These experts point out that, although the most common and visible consequences of using small, narrow shoes, of bad quality or with too much heel are chafing, wounds, calluses and bunions, the repercussions go further and can negatively affect the spine, the hip and the joints.

 Therefore, here are 7 recommendations to learn how to choose comfortable and quality shoes:

  1. Quality of the material

Look for shoes made of genuine leather, both on the outside and inside, and avoid shoes that have skin only on the outside and that, inside, are fabric or synthetic.

  1. Heel

The ideal is that the heel is wide to ensure a good footprint and that its height oscillates between 2 and 4 centimeters. If you cannot give up the “heels”, keep in mind that the ideal, if you are going to wear the shoe for many hours, is that its height does not exceed 6 centimeters.

  1. Sole

The most advisable type of sole is the anti slip, which favors the grip and prevents dangerous slips.

  1. Flexibility

The shoe has to be sturdy, but comfortable and flexible. It must ensure a firm grip of the foot without being too narrow, especially at the tip.

  1. Appropriate number

Comfortable shoes should not squeeze, annoy or cause friction in any part of the foot, if so; it is not the right number or model. Always choose shoes with your foot and conditions in mind.

For example if you suffer from bunions, you should choose shoes for delicate feet; If your foot is wider than usual, opt for shoes of special width. If you make your purchase in an establishment selling online women’s shoes, in case of doubt regarding the number, it is better to sin by excess than by effect. But the best option will be make visit at¬†ash shoes outlet, they offer the best for your feet.

  1. Support

Also take into account the support of the shoe, which must be anatomical and flexible, to adequately cushion the weight of your body and support the walks comfortably.

  1. Always buy shoes in the afternoon, when the foot is more swollen.

In this way you ensure that the shoes you buy is your size and does not squeeze or bother you.Finally, remember that it is the shoe that must conform to the foot and not the other way around.

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