7 tips to choose comfortable shoes

We rarely think about pampering our feet. And yet, just remember that, on average, we give between eight thousand and 10 thousand steps a day, according to the Association of Medicine and Foot Surgery.

These experts point out that, although the most common and visible consequences of using small, narrow shoes, of bad quality or with too much heel are chafing, wounds, calluses and bunions, the repercussions go further and can negatively affect the spine, the hip and the joints.

 Therefore, here are 7 recommendations to learn how to choose comfortable and quality shoes:

  1. Quality of the material

Look for shoes made of genuine leather, both on the outside and inside, and avoid shoes that have skin only on the outside and that, inside, are fabric or synthetic.

  1. Heel

The ideal is that the heel is wide to ensure a good footprint and that its height oscillates between 2 and 4 centimeters. If you cannot give up the “heels”, keep in mind that the ideal, if you are going to wear the shoe for many hours, is that its height does not exceed 6 centimeters.

  1. Sole

The most advisable type of sole is the anti slip, which favors the grip and prevents dangerous slips.

  1. Flexibility

The shoe has to be sturdy, but comfortable and flexible. It must ensure a firm grip of the foot without being too narrow, especially at the tip.

  1. Appropriate number

Comfortable shoes should not squeeze, annoy or cause friction in any part of the foot, if so; it is not the right number or model. Always choose shoes with your foot and conditions in mind.

For example if you suffer from bunions, you should choose shoes for delicate feet; If your foot is wider than usual, opt for shoes of special width. If you make your purchase in an establishment selling online women’s shoes, in case of doubt regarding the number, it is better to sin by excess than by effect. But the best option will be make visit at ash shoes outlet, they offer the best for your feet.

  1. Support

Also take into account the support of the shoe, which must be anatomical and flexible, to adequately cushion the weight of your body and support the walks comfortably.

  1. Always buy shoes in the afternoon, when the foot is more swollen.

In this way you ensure that the shoes you buy is your size and does not squeeze or bother you.Finally, remember that it is the shoe that must conform to the foot and not the other way around.


To kick off our favourite season, summer of course, I’ve decided to do a little tutorial on my favourite go-to hairstyle: Beach Waves. You know those envious locks a-la Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. That perfect loose, model-off-duty, bouncy wave that looks so effortless- making you believe that maybe they just rolled out of bed that way and straight into the water. Yes, we all hate them, those Dior sunglasses wearing bitches, but in real life we at least know it doesn’t actually work like that!

Known for my own beachy blonde locks, it’s a look I think I’ve perfected pretty well- and I’ll be honest, it’s not always quite effortless as it seems. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade along the way; so, I’m sharing my how-to with you today!

1) If your hair is freshly washed it’s good to add a little lightweight mousse before you blow-dry to give your hair a bit of a more rough texture.

2) When curling I curl in 4 parallel sections starting from the bottom of my head to the top. A key trick is when you curl alternate between curling around the barrel with the clamp and also just using your finger to twist the strand around the barrel. This alternates the amount of curl each piece has which in turn looks more natural. You can also alternate size of the barrel switching from a 1/2 or 3/4 inch barrel to a 1 inch barrel.

** Important tip #1: Always curl away from your face, the way you’d imagine if the wind was blowing in your face and your hair back.

** Important tip #2: Leave the bottom inch of your hair out of the curling iron to prevent the Shirley Temple effect and give it the more unfinished effortless look.

3) To get that perfect root lift for the front pieces of your hair at the part I hold the curling iron under the piece of hair closest to the part for a couple seconds to help give it that lifted S shaped bump.

4) Use a comb to brush it all out and break up any curls.

5) Use some beach effect texture spray and rub it through your hair to make it piecey and then a tiny bit of light hairspray to hold it in place.

6) If you are going for the really effortless beachy Model off duty look never curl your hair right before you are going out. It always looks most natural after falling out for at least an hour or two. The bottom photo is right after curling, the top photo is 4 or 5 hours later. That’s the difference.

Best Curtains for the Finest Rooms Now Available

If you want to match the curtains with the walls, then you have to choose a contrasting hue with them either lighter or darker. Under no circumstances can you go on the same color. If you have very rich wallpaper, obviously you will opt for a very simple curtain in neutral colors.

  • blue curtain
  • leaf curtain
  • curtain wall matching
  • blue curtain
  • closed curtain

How to choose your curtain according to your personality

Every aspect of our life depends on the way we are perceived. Clothes reflect our personality, but so does the place we live in. So we can also choose curtains according to their personality. You can rely on the best at curtains Singapore for this.

Curtains for a young, romantic person

In the case of a romantic and dreamy person, pastel shades or white curtains are the ideal choice. It fits perfectly with curtains with floral, discreet prints made from natural materials such as flax and cotton. For an even more romantic look, you can mount the curtains in the ceiling, and their length will create a very nice effect.

  • Colorful curtain
  • Discreet cream curtain
  • Curved curtains
  • Curtain with discreet pattern
  • Great curtains
  • Beautiful curtains
  • Curved curtains
  • Curtain with flowers

Curtains for a family member

The favorite of a family member is warmth. The living space must be “home” and give the emotional feeling. In this case, materials such as velvet, velvet, brocade, cream / red / natural wood can be used. We talk about massive curtains that protect the family’s privacy.

The Jaundice called Jelly:

The jelly caused by mother’s milk has as its cause the increase in the circulating level of bilirubin, which occurs around days 10-14 of life. The mechanism by which some components of the mother’s milk affect bilirubin elimination by the newborn is not known. This type of jaundice begins to disappear in the second month, although a slight yellowish hue may persist for the duration of breastfeeding. The good at home jaundice treatment will provide the right support now.

The rare Cases

Rarely, jaundice of the newborn may be caused by some of its associated affections. The yellowing of the skin that occurs less than 24 hours after birth is rarely the cause of neonatal jaundice and these children should be investigated for other causes. If this coloration continues to increase in intensity after the third day of life or falls after the fifth day of life, a specialist medical check-up is recommended.

Keep in mind that increasing the frequency of the baby’s meals can be helpful and may be followed by lowering bilirubin levels.If very high levels of bilirubin are not treated, complications may occur.

Techniques to Be Followed For On Page SEO

The main purpose of the search engine optimization is to construct web pages and also helps the website to rank on the top of the search engine results. Search engine optimization is divided into two types which includes on page SEO and off page SEO.  On page SEO enables the website owners to do all the essential things to increase the rank of the website. The things include internal linking, page titles, and description and Meta tags. Off page SEO enables to do things out of the website to increase the rank of the website. Blog marketing, social media sharing and submission of articles comes under off page SEO. On page and off page SEO techniques can be clearly analyzed through LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix.

On Page SEO Pattern to be noted:  A page title is considered as the important factor of the SEO as the page and the posts must have their own titles and subtitles. Keywords will also form a part of this. A Meta description is also important for any web page as many forget to use Meta descriptions for their page.  Keywords and Meta description related to the particular page must be used.  In order to place relevant keywords Meta descriptions are essential.  On the other hand, a set of keywords can be included in the web page in the form of Meta tags. LinkHelpers SEO Phoenix will enable the users to decipher the Meta tags easily. The keywords used should be relevant to the content used.

Structure of URL:  It is always better to include search engine friendly URLs for every page. It is highly recommended to increase the rank of the website. Targeted keywords and shorter URLs perform well in the search engine. Location of the URL will also create a major impact for the website. The publishers should make sure to include only relevant keywords related to the content. This will help the search engine to work out on what the content is all about and it is vital.  Excessive usage of keywords must be avoided to avoid the ban on the website from the search engine. The ban of the website can be avoided by maintaining the keyword density at 2.5% roughly.

Body Tags:  It’s always recommended to break the content of the articles into smaller paragraphs which will enable the people to read it easily.  The paragraphs can be given headings. The main title of the page can be mentioned with H1 and the subtitles can be named accordingly based on the main heading.  Headlines with rich keywords must be used instead of generic keywords. In order to avoid boring for the reader’s images can be used. The usage of images will try to attract the audience to the website.

Fine Options for the Best Corporate Catering

Both the attention and the good gastronomic offer served in a timely manner, are basic components to make the party a success. This result is based on a series of details, which must be planned and defined in advance. Where do you start when choosing the catering? What dishes to serve? What are the items covered by the hiring of this service?

Currently, there are many catering options, and the categories are defined according to the type of menus they offer, as well as their experience and infrastructure for the provision of the service. The first thing to do is to contact the possible catering service providers , explain the objectives of the event, and request that they make a proposal. The companies consulted must be those that, by their references and trajectory, inspire more confidence. For the good corporate catering services this is important.

For this, it is important to prepare a first list with the number of attendees , the style of food that you want to offer to the guests, and the estimated time the event will last: they are the starting points to request a quote.

  • Once you have chosen who will be responsible for the service, you must begin to establish guidelines, such as the previous degree of preparation of the meal and an idea of ​​the number of service personnel that will be needed so that all guests are well cared for .
  • Then, a tasting of the menu is agreed upon. This is a fundamental detail since, in addition to tasting the dishes; you can analyze the presentation of them. And now, the great challenge of planning all the details begins, so that no unforeseen event can tarnish the great moment.
  • Corporate events have changed substantially in recent times. Of course, they continue to revolve around business, institutional relations and the strengthening of the group, but trends are revolutionizing.
  • When it comes to an important event, catering for corporate events is vital and for that a plan that considers what we want to achieve or communicate is required.
  • Depending on your business and annual entertainment budget, it is advisable to hire a single catering service for all your events.
  • This will guarantee compliance, familiarity and save an important percentage that can be invested in more parties or public relations.

Take a count

Before you start making important catering decisions, you need to have a rough idea of ​​how many people are going to attend your event.